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Benefits of PharmaLink's Services

Simple Returns.

Guaranteed Quality.

Ongoing Innovation.

Expert Return Services for VA Healthcare Facilities


With over 21 years in the pharmaceutical reverse logistics industry, we are the experts for mail-in and on-site expired medication return and disposal services.

Return Services for VA Healthcare Facilities


No out of pocket cost to do cage returns

Maximum credit recovery

Easy reconciliation with McKesson Connect account

Service fees based on actual credits received - not estimates

Reporting & Analytics

Online inventory management and credit reporting

Custom returnable and non-returnable reports line-by-line for each item

Personalized facility business overview

Service Offerings

No contract required

Returns processed within one week upon receipt

Prepaid shipping to our facility

Mail-in and on-site services available

Proprietary Integrations

Our system incorporates the VA 5-digit codes for vault items

Instant determination on-site of creditable and non-creditable items for 3rd party waste stream

My Returns Consultant has always been able to help me with short requested pickups and has always gotten back with me anytime I've had a question on a return or reports. I will continue to use PharmaLink and recommend them to any pharmacy that asks me who we use.

Eric E.

Our Returns Consultant at PharmaLink has gone above and beyond with their customer service and overall assistance in our pharmacy needs. I feel 100% satisfied in their abilities and look forward to our future dealings.

Matt D.

Giving our Returns Consultant a chance at handling our returns was one of the best decisions we made. We get a much faster turnaround on getting our money. They do all the work for us, quietly, efficiently, and with minimal disruptions. PharmaLink and our Returns Consultant are miles ahead of the three different services we had before them.

Tim F.

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Licensed in all states

Adheres to all state and federal regulations

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